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Discount Legal Services

Discount Legal Services
and Identity Theft Protection

The Family Protection Plan Provides You and Your Family
With Access to a Network of Attorneys, Accountants,
Identity Theft Specialists, Licensed Clinicians and Financial Counselors


Legal Club of America is a nationwide discount legal referral service with a network of over 22,000 attorneys who have contracted to provide our members with numerous free and discounted legal services.

Every year, 1 in 2 families will require the services of an attorney. Quite often, legal issues are accompanied or precipitated by other personal or financial issues. The Family Protection Plan contains all the necessary benefit components to deal with these issues. 

Legal Club of America's® Family Protection Plan (FPP) covers you, your spouse, your children and any dependents living with you – all for one low monthly rate. The FPP includes these components:

Free & Discounted Legal Services

You and your family will have access to a nationwide network of thousands of plan attorneys in all 50 states that have contracted with Legal Club to provide free and discounted legal services. Upon enrollment, you will be referred to a plan attorney based on geographic location, area of law required, and language preference. You may use as many plan attorneys, practicing any area of law, anywhere in the country as often as you like. Free services for personal and family related matters include:

These are eight (8) commonly used legal services for which plan attorneys have agreed to charge a one-time, deeply discounted fee:

Legal Service Member Rates Non-Member Rates

Traffic Ticket Defense

$   89.00

$   199.00

Name Change

$ 155.00

$   365.00

Simple Will (w/Trust)

$ 250.00

$   530.00

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

$ 750.00


Non-Support (Spouse/Child)

$ 275.00


Simple Divorce

$ 275.00


Regular Incorporation

$ 295.00

$   585.00

Personal Real Estate Closing

$ 250.00

$   675.00


Plan attorneys have contracted to never charge more than $125.00 per hour, or when appropriate, give members a 40% discount off their usual and customary hourly rate for personal and family legal care that goes beyond the free and discounted services. After the free letters, calls and consultations take place, you and your attorney will decide what course of action to take next. In many cases, you will have no choice and litigation may ensue. This is the point in time that plan attorneys charge the $125.00 hourly rate or take 40% off their customary rate for personal and family legal care.

For only $14.00 per month, the Family Protection Plan is a benefit your family cannot afford to be without. Credit card customers can schedule 12 payments of $14.00 or three consecutive monthly payments of $56.00.

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