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Identity Theft Solutions

Identity Theft Solutions

Prevent Identity Theft and Restore Your Accounts to Pre-Theft State


Family Protection Plan members have toll free access to paralegals who will assist them with the process of preventing ID theft and/or restoring their accounts to pre-theft state.

Keylogging Defense System™

Keyloggers are self propagating viruses that steal your keystrokes, and the information contained, as you navigate the internet. The Keylogging Defense System™ eliminates online identity theft by encrypting every keystroke at the keyboard level and then reroutes those encrypted keystrokes directly to your browser. The Keylogging Defense System bypasses the multiple communication areas that are normally vulnerable to keylogging attacks that could compromise your vital information

With this defense system, members can now E-mail, access critical business applications, browse, shop and bank with confidence knowing that each and every keystroke is encrypted and not being transmitted to an awaiting identity thief.

Identity Monitoring

Identity Theft Solutions

Identity monitoring warches the activity associated with an identity across multiple data sources to detect the type of fraudulent activity that takes place prior to the theft of an individual's identity. Sources include:

Identity Theft Restoration

Upon notification of an identity theft incident, paralegals will:

Identity Theft Insurance

Each member will receive up to $25,000 worth of identity theft insurance coverage*. This coverage will help members offset some of the costs of restoring their identity to its original status, including:

Lost and/or Stolen Credit Card Assistance

Privacy Advocates will assist members in the event their credit cards are misplaced or stolen.

For only $14.00 per month the Family Protection Plan, which includes Identity Theft Solutions, is a benefit your family cannot afford to be without. Credit card customers can schedule 12 payments of $14.00 or three consecutive monthly payments of $56.00.

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